What is your style?
Motown or Mozart? Rat Pack or Rhianna?
Top 40 or Oldies?





You tell us what you want and we'll create the perfect mix of music to keep your guests grooving the night away.

Don’t like certain types of music?  Don’t worry… we’ll stay away from it.  Can’t get enough 80’s, or Disco, or “Q-94” music?  No problem!  We have more than enough of anything your heart desires.

A large part of our success has hinged on the fact that our clients love our music because it is their music… music they have requested — music they love– and music everyone will enjoy dancing to!

When you book with Party Time Entertainment, we send you numerous song lists to help get you started.  Our “Top 40 From the Past 40” list gives you the top 40 hits from each of the last four decades – 60’s through the 90’s – along with our popular “Top 200 Most Requested Party Hits”  which are guaranteed to get any party jumping!  For our fans of the most current music playing on the radio, we can send you a list of literally thousands of selections of Top 40, R&B, Hip-Hop, Rock, and Dance hits.

For the party your guests wish would never end...

Party Time RVA